Four CenturiesFour Centuries

The Damned and Cursed Series

The latest in the Damned and Cursed Series. At long last, the vampire Victoria finally steps from the shadows and takes center stage.

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Demons LLCDemons LLC

The Damned and Cursed Series

Join Alex Teague, the only being in the supernatural world with demonic powers, on his journey as he tries to start up his own business.

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"You mortals disgust me." - Jack Kursed

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Four Centuries Release Date

I shouldn’t even bother with a release date, and just release Four Centuries on a whim, like I always do….

New Design In The Works

I’m working on a new design for the site, so don’t be surprised if things look weird for a bit….

Four Centuries, Where We At?

Wow, done. I can safely say this is the fastest I’ve ever pounded out a novel. I’m not sure what…

Four Centuries Sample 2

Okay, one more sample for the latest. Taken out of context with the rest of the story, of course things…

Four Centuries Sample

Okay, sample time. The Scribd document below is the first chapter in the upcoming Four Centuries. Let me know what…

Four Centuries…Update Time

Just wanted to pop out from the tent to provide a quick update. We’re about 54K words into Four Centuries…

Broken Home…confused yet?

Okay, some quick, rambling, random updates, and an issue I could use some feedback on. So far, so good on…

Four Centuries

Four centuries and counting It’s been a difficult few months in the long life of the vampire Victoria. The death…