Soul Insurance

Soul Insurance

Soul InsuranceAre You Afraid Of Dying? You Don’t Have To Be! Buy Soul Insurance Today!

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Everyone knows the spheres of light that mingle with society are souls. When a person dies their soul leaves the body until it’s time for reincarnation. Only the privileged can afford soul insurance, a way to continue on after dying.

The living don’t know what the afterlife holds, that period of time between bodies. They know nothing about life as a soul. Do souls think and feel? How do they fly up in the clouds? Do they take any part of their old life into the new one?

Only Connor has the answers.

Connor was born able to communicate with souls. He’s tried to keep his ability hidden since he was a child. But Brooke, a woman with whom he shares a strange connection, needs the help of someone who can understand both worlds. They just have to avoid becoming souls themselves.


  1. Jon Rice   •  

    CANNOT wait to read this!!! Release date?

    • Glenn Bullion   •  

      Oh man, missed this comment so many moons ago. :) Release date is “soon” now. It’s going into beta reading probably after Christmas.

  2. Geoff   •  

    Any updates on a projected release?


    • Glenn Bullion   •  

      It’s in beta now. I know I have to change 1-2 small things, but we’ll see how it looks when I get all the copies back.

      Even when it’s done, timing will be an issue because of Dead Living. That will be out soon, and I’ll have to wait just a bit so the 2 novels don’t interfere with each other. :)

  3. Geoff   •  

    Hi Glenn,

    New update on SI release? (Some of us are actually already fans of yours and read Dead Living during the first release, and sometimes even read your books within about 1-3 days of release then end up RE-reading them all several times…) 😉

    No need to worry about your books “interfering” with one another on my account, I’ll just buy ’em and read them as soon as they come out!


    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Ha cool, a fan during the Dead Living 1st edition. :)

      I’m waiting on feedback from a few more readers, and that will be it. I know of two minor changes/additions I have to make, but I want to wait until I get everything back to do that. Then, it’s all done. I’ll just have to compile into an eBook after that, and it’ll be released.

      • Geoff   •  

        Good deal! Thanks for the quick response and the great stories!

  4. TM   •  

    Soul Insurance is available from amazon now

  5. Sam G   •  

    Just finished. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I felt the bit about her boss at the end was redundant. I feel that he should have taken the place of the other guy and just removed that guy entirely. A bit hard to explain without spoilers. The premise of the souls was interesting and holds a lot of possibilities for further exploration. Good job, looking forward to Demon’s Doorway.

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