Soul Insurance

Soul Insurance

Soul InsuranceAre You Afraid Of Dying? You Don’t Have To Be! Buy Soul Insurance Today!

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Everyone knows the spheres of light that mingle with society are souls. When a person dies their soul leaves the body until it’s time for reincarnation. Only the privileged can afford soul insurance, a way to continue on after dying.

The living don’t know what the afterlife holds, that period of time between bodies. They know nothing about life as a soul. Do souls think and feel? How do they fly up in the clouds? Do they take any part of their old life into the new one?

Only Connor has the answers.

Connor was born able to communicate with souls. He’s tried to keep his ability hidden since he was a child. But Brooke, a woman with whom he shares a strange connection, needs the help of someone who can understand both worlds. They just have to avoid becoming souls themselves.

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