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Witch’s Kurse Update # (insert random number here)

Witch's KurseI’m right around the part in the novel where it’s time to introduce what I think is going to be an unpopular decision (I hope I’m wrong). But it needs to happen. And I hope I wrote it in such a way that it makes sense to everyone, even softens the blow somewhat. I admit, I’m a little nervous. Beta feedback should be a fun time. :)

This wouldn’t have been the first time. I remember when I first put the words down breaking up Kevin and Rachel, the main female character from A Witch To Live. I don’t remember every single scene I’ve ever written (I’m just not that good :) ) but some of my favorites (and not so favorites) stick out. That scene is one of them. There was nothing terribly special about it. No action happening, just a conversation between Victoria and Kevin in a mall food court. A vampire and a witch, talking about life, and Kevin drops the bomb that Rachel and he are no longer a couple. Nothing dramatic, nothing Jerry Sprinter worthy. They’d simply grown apart when she went to college. That scene felt very real to me. I don’t think it’s common that a couple fresh out of high school stay together forever. Adding a supernatural element to the mix can only make things harder.

I got quite a few emails from people about how that affected them. No one likes a breakup. Hey, it affected me, too. :) That was tough to write. But for those who happened to have read the Damned and Cursed series knows how that turned out.

To be honest, though, I still toy with the idea sometimes of bringing back Rachel. Not in a oh-no-love-triangle-who-do-I-choose way (I hate those). I just like her character.

So, Witch’s Kurse, I hope the direction is liked, or at least understood.

Even if it’s not, we’ve got Jack being Jack, a new character I’m having a blast with, who happens to like howling at the moon, and a certain witch may show up. Good stuff. :)


  1. Charles   •  

    As long as Kevin is there (hopefully interacting with jack) and you keep writing these books then I am one happy person.

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      I’ll leave a mysterious smiley face. :)

  2. Kim Hennessy   •  

    Well, with that information I’m concerned how this “event” is going to go in the book. I have been waiting a long time for this book to be ready so I can hopefully be a beta reader for you. Please, please hurry this along. I’m having withdrawals and I’ve already read your other books again.

  3. Bob   •  

    No problem with the breakup. Your reasons are sound and it’s not like she died a horrible death. Though with witches and demons, you never know. Also, it opens up opportunities for Kevin’s life to be more interesting.

  4. Gene Evans   •  

    Let me guess, Marie is going to eat Oscar.

    The foreshadowing in the preview chapter makes it clear they won’t be getting along and Glenn is obviously smitten with the new girl.

    I’ll miss the poor guy.


    • Glenn Bullion   •  

      Hahah I never thought of that. :) No, that’s not what happens, but what a scene that would make.

      Oscar is in the novel, though.

  5. Justin   •  

    Oscar is too awesome to be eaten by a mangy dog.

  6. Charles   •  

    My wife and I were bummed after reading that breakup talk.
    (we have been together since high school, 38years now and its not uncommon at all by the way.)

    Still emotional redemption was had in the last book for kevin.

    It was an interesting twist with shock value. But not to much shock in future please as you have us invested in the characters by now. Which is reflective of darn good writing. Not sure I would like Rachel ever appearing again myself.

    Now you have me even more anxious to read it. Hmmm how to tell the wife you have something else planned…..:)

    Any release date estimates?

    • Glenn Bullion   •  

      That is freaking awesome, high school sweethearts for 38 years. THAT is what I modeled Alex and Cindy after.

      I’ll try not to shock too much. :) I’m invested in the characters too, so sometimes it hurts me as to what I put them through.

      Release estimate I’m not too sure on. I’m 40K+ words into it now. I’m thinking maybe halfway, but it feels like I have a bit of story left (haven’t even introduced one particular character yet).

      I’m shooting for beta reading by the end of this year.

      • Gene Evans   •  

        Well, if it’s not Oscar’s time then one obvious change is to kick Victoria upstairs and have her replace Bradley. She’s got the connections and experience to handle the role even if she’d rather be out in the field. Being able to attend meetings during the day would be a big plus as well.

        If this happens perhaps she can arrange for Kevin to get paid for his help in stopping Grigori. The same way she gets paid when she goes on one of Bradley’s missions.

        BTW, about your post on Jack needing to be fooled, it seems to me that the best candidate for making that happen is…Jack. Sometimes vast experience can mean going wrong with vast confidence. You might even work in a flashback to show why he thinks ‘I’ve seen this movie before’ and then let him find out otherwise. He has a big ego,he’ll survive the experience :)

  7. Kanshie   •  

    Interesting…Though I hope none of the circle of favorites get killed off, almost anything else I can probably live with. Breaking up Kevin and whatsherface wasn’t problematic for me.

  8. Larry Paroubek   •  

    My thoughts are that Rachel presents an opportunity. Kevin’s separation seemed to be fairly amiable, though disappointing & depressing to him. More often than not, high school romances don’t last longer than the 1st college semester, though I’ve known a few that have made it beyond their 50th wedding anniversary.

    I suspect that Rachel could run into a “problem” while at school. Her knowledge of Kevin’s (and possibly Victoria’s) abilities might cause her to contact him, and Kevin could contact Victoria (and what’s rapidly becoming Victoria’s “team”).
    Beyond that, I’ve heard that authors shouldn’t listen too closely to their reader’s ideas, that (they) can maintain their universe better than conglomerate efforts…

  9. Andrew L   •  

    I am fascinated with the canned and cursed series and I am interested to find out if there is another book coming out for the series I would be overjoyed if there was because I have read demon spawn 4 times and it amuses me every time please let there be a new book

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      This novel I’m working on now, Witch’s Kurse, is part of the series. It is mostly a Jack novel (obviously), with a few appearances from other characters as well.

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