Witch's Kurse

Witch’s Kurse Update 4

Witch's KurseStill typing, typing, typing. At the 60K words mark now. One of my worst traits as a writer is that I tend to focus on word count way too much. I’m honestly not sure what a decent word count is. Other writers always tell me “it’s however many words tells the story”. :) I try to stick to that, but I want to give a lot of content to the reader, too, and I worry I’m not giving enough. I’m not sure how many words this one will be when it’s all done. I’ve barely scratched the surface with my third character yet, and I’ve got quite a few fun scenes planned for him.

I’d say this novel has been tougher to write than Demon’s Doorway. As always, Jack is the biggest problem, and that fine line I have him walk. Since this novel is mostly him, it just increases the problems. He’s definitely been fun to explore. Tiffany has changed him, and he’s a completely different person around her than other people. There are moments in the novel where he is at his absolute worst, and in the next scene he’s tucking Tiffany into bed.

Definitely a hard balance. :)

I still haven’t got this novel listed under “Coming Soon”, only because I haven’t written the back cover yet. I’ll try to tackle that soon.


  1. Gene Evans   •  

    I like this post too. Of course, I’d like it even better if the word count was up to 120k :)

    Don’t worry too much about Jack. We all get that he isn’t Mr. Warm and Fuzzy. Though it wasn’t ‘Jack at his worst’ that got me to like him, it was the totally non-violent scene where he blew off the pushy neighbor that had me smiling.


  2. Jim   •  

    I’m not worried about the word count as long as the story is good, and you haven’t let me down, yet.


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