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Witch’s Kurse…Still Cruising Along

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Witch's KurseJust wanted to drop an update. I’m trying to do better than the “once a month” thing. As a writer, you’re supposed to try to keep your name out there as much as you can. Not always easy to do. :) I’m one of those shy guys, keeps to myself, so “marketing” yourself is definitely not easy.

I’m at the 28K words mark now on the novel. Got a lot done in a short amount of time. Always a nice thing. I hit a bit of stumbling block that I’m trying to work through. Some scenes I’m in to now directly set up the climax in the finale, and now that I’m actually putting the words down, something is a bit off. It’s funny how that’s happens. Basically, without spoiling too much, one of the reasons I like Jack so much is that he’s usually ahead of everyone else. He’s old, smart, and his morals (or lack thereof) means it’s very difficult to get the jump on him in any way. But I “need” that to happen where I am now to set up the finale, and that’s giving me a problem. I thought I had something believable, but now I’m not so certain.

I am having a good time with this novel so far, though. Jack is still an awesome character. It’s fun to watch him interact with Tiffany, and then everyone else. :) I think Marie is a strong enough character to have her own novel, if I ever wanted to go that route. I almost accidentally set up the possibly of another spin off, too, if I wanted to head that direction.

Now I just have to get through this hurdle, and off we go again.


  1. Nick Christesson   •  

    You can do it Glenn!

  2. Jim   •  

    I’m looking forward to this one, too. Lots of encouragement to you.

    If you don’t mind my two cents… I know Jack is always kind of like a chess player in the way he always plans several steps in advance, but since he is still essentially human, it doesn’t seem like all that big of a stretch to allow him to make a rare mistake now and then. I think the trick to keeping him true to himself is figuring out how he would react to the discovery that he made a mistake.


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