Witch's Kurse

Witch’s Kurse Release Date

Witch's KurseHey guys. Just wanted to give a quick update on the release of Witch’s Kurse. It should be any day now. I was going to sit down with Scrivener and get the formatting all ready to go, but a plumbing emergency has kind of moved that a little somewhat. :) I was shooting for tomorrow (Friday), but that might move to Saturday or Sunday. But now that I think about it, is a book release on a weekend even a good idea? Do people keep track of that stuff?

Anyway, I’m sorry for the delay, but Jack is getting ready to bust out any time now. :) As always, the eBook will be available first, followed by the print version. Maybe, if demand seems high enough, an Audible version will show up as well.


  1. Nick C   •  

    Long Live Jack Kursed!
    Get it? Ha.
    ….anyway, excited to read it Glenn!

  2. Fate   •  

    Can’t wait!

  3. David   •  

    Books come out on Tuesdays. I used to love Tuesdays.

  4. Jason Thompson   •  

    Oh hells yes!!! Gimme gimme!

  5. Hutchy   •  


  6. Hutchy   •  

    i don’t care what day it is I will buy it

  7. Jim   •  

    I’m totally cool with weekends.

  8. Crystal Waid   •  

    I’ll buy whenever I see the release day. And yes, I do pay attention to that!

  9. Gabe   •  

    Sooner is almost always better, as long as it’s done. Tuesdays are great but earlier makes you an awesome nonconformist.

  10. Nathalie Ball   •  

    My kid will be away with her aunt all weekend… i could definitely do some jack during that time ;-)

  11. mike   •  

    Weekends work….ive been checking almost daily for this update! Cant wait!

  12. zach   •  

    As soon as I see it I am getting it. Day does not matter

  13. Greg   •  

    Honestly i’d prefer the weekend i’ll actually have time to read then rather than having to wait until the following weekend

  14. Nick   •  

    I like Friday releases, or Saturday for that mater, as I then don’t feel guilty if I stay up late to read it!

    Looking forward to your book!

  15. Phil   •  

    I can’t wait to get the book.;) I’m for the weekend release…

  16. Craig   •  

    I will take it as fast as I can get it!!!

  17. Mark   •  

    Sooner is better :)

  18. Hutchy   •  

    The weekend is over alas.

  19. Chase   •  

    But I needs it

  20. Phil   •  

    No Release:( and i had the wohle Weekend…so when its going to be released? Really Tuesday?

  21. Mark   •  

    Leading us on about weekend release isn’t cool :(

  22. Glenn Bullion   •  

    I’m sorry about the delay guys. Had some issues with formatting the epub file, but all is fixed now. Going by old experience with kdp publishing, it should be available tomorrow afternoon sometime. I’ll watch for the live link and make a thread when I know what it is.

  23. Chase   •  

    The anticipations killing me I need to know what Kevin does

  24. Mousefu   •  

    i will forgive you the late release but i will be watching

  25. Mousefu   •  

    praise the whoever you worship or idolize

  26. David   •  


  27. Hutchy   •  

    Brilliant as always. Keep up the good work you will always have a fan in me

  28. Mark Jaeger   •  

    I just found my favorite quote!!!! “What kind of name is Jack kursed?” She countered.
    “A badass one.”

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