Witch's Kurse

Witch’s Kurse…draft done

Witch's KurseI got done the last few words of Witch’s Kurse today. The word tally at this point is 126K words, which for me is massive. My word goal for any novel is 75K, so I hit that rather easily.

Of course, the novel isn’t “done” yet. I’ll do the standard. Take a week off or so, read a novel or two, and then get to editing. I’ll maybe toss this one out for beta readers a little early, even in a “raw” state, for story purposes. Being such a long novel, I wouldn’t mind getting story input early, to see what parts of the plot worked, which were “cool”, which weren’t, all that fun stuff. There are three stories going on with three characters, and I wouldn’t mind getting extra eyes to tell me if everything flows together nicely.

One thing I have to do is get a list of feedback questions together. That’ll be a first as well, but this novel definitely calls for it.

These are just impressions not long after finishing data entry, but I think the novel is solid. The existing characters were a lot of fun, and so was the new addition. I think the three stories intersected rather well, and the finale I thought was awesome. Even the villains got a little more time than usual, and I found I got a little attached to one of them.

So, thanks for reading, and Witch’s Kurse is definitely one step further along.


  1. Kim Hennessy   •  

    Ready to beta read whenever you are ready to send it.

  2. K. Mathis   •  

    Raw is good – overview and all. I cannot wait. The sooner the better. I can feel it that this one os going to be one of your best works.

  3. Gene Evans   •  

    I’m up for beta reading and the timing is great!

  4. Gene Evans   •  

    My birthday is this weekend, the beta read would make a great present…

    • Glenn Bullion   •  

      I’m pounding out editing now. :) Hopefully I’ll be done soon, try to get you a virtual birthday present. :)

  5. Glenn Bullion   •     Author

    I’m putting the list together now.

    Hey Kelly and John, since you posted through Facebook, I don’t have your email addresses. Would you mind filling out the contact form with them, and I’ll send a copy on along.

  6. Mark   •  

    Is it out yet? Also can we get free copies of beta book? ^^ jack is by far my fav character. I love technology.

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Ha I was wondering if someone would ever comment Jack’s subtle love/hate with technology :) One of those quirks of his that I just let play out.

  7. Mark   •  

    It’s hilarious the best part is his ruthlessness at the end of jack kursed. The whole no sleep idea brilliant. Id love to see new developments with his curse in terms of powers(maybe Kevin comes up with something) CANT wait!!

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Jack’s ruthlessness is very fun / difficult to write. :) It’s a hard balance to handle the loyalty to the few people he cares for, and his utter disdain for everything else. I don’t consider him “evil”, but he’s definitely no hero. :) I guess that’s what makes him fun.

  8. Mark   •  

    You nailed it. Can’t go wrong with a solid anti hero. The guy is hilarious at the same time being scary as hell. Also can Kevin do enchantments? (Bullet proof sweater, fire blasting pencil etc.) wizardry would be a crazy awesome addition

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