Witch Trial Update

I feel bad that it’s taken me this long to pound out Witch Trial, but I’m still holding on to my 1-2 books a year, so I think I’m doing okay still.

I’m “finally” on the finale. Maybe another 2-3 chapters, and that’s it. As always, the novel blew up, became bigger than I thought (at 78K words, and I thought it would be done at that point).

Just some random thoughts, without spoilers.

  • I haven’t dedicated entire chapters to the “villains” in this novel, but I’ve really enjoyed writing for them. They are unlike anything I’ve ever done.
  • That being said, this is still Kevin’s show, for the most part. Everything I’ve been building to with him is getting ready to be written down, and I’m excited. This is the biggest challenge he’s ever come across.
  • Even with limited page time, I’ve enjoyed the visit of another character into Kevin’s world.
  • Leese’s side of the story, to me at least, has been just as strong as Kevin’s. Writing about a human, when you have a powerful witch on the other side, I thought would be a problem. Leese has actually been around since the first book. It’s been fun to explore her end of things.
  • As has happened previously, some elements of this novel will bleed over into the next. The next story is forming in my head, and it’s going to be close to Demon’s Doorway in that the whole group will have a role.