Update On A Few Things

First off, see the above. 🙂 It’s coming. Just waiting on Amazon to finalize. I’ll post the link when it’s available, although it shouldn’t be hard to find on Amazon. Haven’t published a book since Four Centuries. The publishing process is taking a little longer than I remember, but I can only imagine how Amazon’s KDP has changed in the past year.

Next piece of news. I’m working now on the next Damned and Cursed novel. I’m only on Chapter 2, so it will be a while yet. But just wanted everyone to know that it is happening as we speak. I’ve even got the title. The official title is “Witch Trial”.  I wonder who it could be about. 🙂

And now for the bad news. After getting the title and back copy, I always try to get the cover made. Having an actual cover early in the writing process, for me at least, is a huge motivation to get to work. I found out that my cover artist passed away back in October.

I used to try to do my own covers in the beginning. They turned out terrible. I lucked into finding Donna Casey, and she did an amazing job. I’ve written eleven books so far. She did the cover on every single one. I’m going to miss working with her very much.