Turns Out It Takes A While To Edit 100K+ Words

ShapelessDone editing. Wow. Sorry it took so long. I was hoping to have this novel completely done by Christmas, but that didn’t happen. The good news I guess is that it’s ready for “beta” before Christmas, which is better than nothing.

So, as is common by now byย readers who know me, it’s time to get this novel into the hands of four to six readers that would like to check out the latest work and offer feedback. As I always say, any feedback is welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some like to critique the story elements, plot, characters, etc. Others take a technical / grammar approach. If anyone would like to read Shapeless and let me know their thoughts, just send me a message using the contact form or comment on this post.

Ha, important note: This is not a Damned and Cursed novel, so I’m sure that might sway people who might read it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t want readers to go “Bah, this isn’t a Damned and Cursed and he didn’t tell us”. Still, I think it’s a fun read, and any fans of my “style” (assuming I have one) would probably enjoy this novel.

I’ll look over any possible takers over the weekend and send the novel along.

Other thoughts about Shapeless:

Such a challenge to write. I hope the “action” scenes translate well. It’s unlike anything I’ve done before.

This is the longest novel I’ve written. The crazy thing is I had more planned. I had to cut some things out, entire subplots. Another reason why editing went so long. I had a subplot foreshadowed for the first third of the novel that I never got back to.

I still have to put a sample out there. I just don’t know what, to be honest. Maybe I’ll take the easy way out and include chapter one. I’m not a great mystery writer, but I didn’t want to sample the later chapters in fear of giving anything away.