The Walking Dead – Episode 3

This show continues to impress. One thing dawned on me last night while we were watching. Off the top of my head, I can only remember seeing maybe three zombies throughout the entire episode. But there is so much else going on, and the plots are so solid, I forget they don’t show zombies all the time.

They finally gave a little extra depth last night to both Shane and Lori’s characters. We’ve seen so little of them, and what we’ve seen has been negative (secret sex encounters in the woods seem a little out of place in a zombie apocalypse). We saw that Lori actually cares about her husband (I honestly didn’t think she did). I also have to admit I thought it was cool when Shane beat up the generic-wife-beater survivor.

Glenn deserves a special mention (similar name not withstanding). I think it’s funny how he keeps getting dragged into rescue operations. Hopefully he’ll survive a long time.