The new cover for Dead Living…

Dead LivingHere it is. 🙂 I think it looks very awesome. They captured what I was hoping to get across very well. I think the appeal of Dead Living is the main character of Aaron, and following him in the undead world. I think the main question that comes up when looking at the cover is “Who is that guy hanging out with zombies, and why doesn’t he look afraid?”

Again, here’s the gist of Dead Living, in case anyone missed it:

It didn’t take long for the world to die. The dead rose with no explanation and only one purpose . . . to eat living flesh.

Born on the day everything died, the world of the living dead is the only world that Aaron knows. Kept in relative isolation from the walking corpses, his family teaches him how to read and write, how to survive on his own. After a tragedy hits close to home, he discovers he is different than any human left alive.

The undead want nothing to do with him.

The survivors of the old suburb of Lexington call a high school their home. They survive day to day, without any of the luxuries mankind used to enjoy, and surrounded by the living dead. Samantha is a product of the new world. Alone, cold, looking out only for herself. She and the other residents of Lexington feel their hope dwindling. They need change. They need someone who isn’t afraid of the walking corpses. They need someone who would rather live in a city of the dead.