Paperback Versions Now Available

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If you’re reading this, you probably have already read my stuff on an eReader, so I don’t know if this will interest my site readers. :) But I’ll announce anyway. All my previous work, consisting of:

A Witch To Live
Jack Kursed
Mind Slide

Are available in paperback format. I see Amazon already has them listed, and they’ll be listed in other upcoming channels over the weeks. I’ve only ever seen the covers on a monitor, and to actually see them in print is very cool. They’re quite sharp-looking. :)

The paperback version of each book is $11.99. The eBook price remains the same at $2.99.

From now on, I’ll release the print version at the same time as the eBook version.


  1. Jeanne Miller   •  

    How exciting! You need to post pics. I would love to see how they look. Did you use Createspace? Congrats!!

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Yeah, I used Createspace. I think they look great. :) I tried to take a picture of all of them together, but it didn’t look very well. I’ll take another stab at it tonight. :)

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