New Novel – WIP update

Jack KursedJust hit Chapter 5. This one is going pretty smooth so far, probably because it’s been in my head for a while. This entire new novel started out as a subplot in A Witch to Live, but that novel already had a lot going on, and this subplot, as well as Jack’s character, I felt were strong enough to have its own novel. I may post a sample chapter along the way, see what people think of what’s been done. I have the title settled on, and I think I may get the artwork started soon. A little early this time, usually the cover and title don’t come until much later. But it’s nice to have at least some of that settled early this time.

The hardest part of this novel so far was the first two chapters. The first two chapters started out as mere flashback dialogue, maybe two or three sentences at the most, later in the story. But I decided to expand on that, give those flashbacks a life of their own. The problem was those two scenes take place in the past, and it’s hard to alter your voice to match that. I think they came out well, but I’ll comb over them a million times, of course.

Anyway, thank you to everyone for checking out A Witch to Live. It’s doing well so far, and people seem to like it. πŸ™‚