Witch's Kurse

Last Update For Witch’s Kurse Before Completing Editing

Witch's KurseI was trying to get done over the weekend, but that didn’t quite happen. I should be done either tonight or tomorrow, and then I’ll put the beta copies together for sending out. It’s turning pretty well, not many storyline changes needed. I’ll see how the conclusion pans out, and that will be it.

After this novel, I’ve got two ideas I’m kind of messing with in my head. One is a short story, which I’ve never done. The other is an Alex Teague novel.

I’m really itching to write another zombie novel, but I just don’t have ideas for one at the moment. I need to go on zombie overload.


  1. Kim Hennessy   •  

    I’m ready to beta read whenever you are done! :)

  2. K. Mathis   •  

    I’m ready to beta blitz it whenever you are ready!

  3. Gene Evans   •  

    Beta, beta, beta!

  4. Charles   •  

    Another zombie…

    I have thought sequel for dead living would be great, and I seem to recall the gentleman that went off to search for his wife. Could be I just liked the main characters in the book so want to see them again.

    Short stories are fun, Personally I like them when set alongside a series, to flesh out things that don’t need a regular sized work. But to be annoyingly fan’ish, I would always prefer another of your novels.

    In any case, the family and I are eager for this next books release.

  5. Glenn Bullion   •  

    I’m all done. :) Tonight I’m gonna browse through the comments from the last few posts and put a list together.

  6. Mark   •  

    Add me to that list! Whoop!

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