Jack Kursed

Jack Kursed

Jack KursedMeet Jack. Jack’s been awake for two hundred years, and he’s a little cranky.

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The victim of a witch’s curse, Jack has been awake for two hundred years. Unable to die, unable to sleep, he’s trapped in a state of existence that no one can relate to, not even his vampire best friend Victoria.

Using his unique condition, he has helped Victoria in keeping the supernatural world at bay. Evil vampires, werewolves, and monsters have all died at their hand. But he’s about to face his biggest challenge, eight-year-old orphan Tiffany.

Tiffany shows Jack a side of life he’s never seen. A beautiful, hopeful world, where even someone full of rage and disdain for mortal life can find happiness.

However, when his new life and friends are in danger, Jack will unleash a fury two hundred years in the making.

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