Jack Kursed

Jack Kursed

Jack KursedMeet Jack. Jack’s been awake for two hundred years, and he’s a little cranky.

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The victim of a witch’s curse, Jack has been awake for two hundred years. Unable to die, unable to sleep, he’s trapped in a state of existence that no one can relate to, not even his vampire best friend Victoria.

Using his unique condition, he has helped Victoria in keeping the supernatural world at bay. Evil vampires, werewolves, and monsters have all died at their hand. But he’s about to face his biggest challenge, eight-year-old orphan Tiffany.

Tiffany shows Jack a side of life he’s never seen. A beautiful, hopeful world, where even someone full of rage and disdain for mortal life can find happiness.

However, when his new life and friends are in danger, Jack will unleash a fury two hundred years in the making.


  1. aleli feo   •  

    Big fan bro…love demonspawn the most.read all your books that are out so far.I’m in Hawaii so read a lot on the beach..lol..I like to tease my friends with that
    Anyway aloha bro and thanks again for such wonderful readings…cant wait for more
    Aloha and mahalo..aleli

  2. Glenn Bullion   •     Author

    Thanks much. :) I have to admit, I wish I could read on the beach.

  3. Evan   •  

    I was wondering if you had a hard release date yet. I’ve enjoyed your other books and I am looking forward to this one as well.

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Very soon. It’ll actually be ready to go in a few days. The question I’m asking myself is should I “hard market” it. Put a date on my website, a countdown, etc., some marketing stuff I’m not really good at. :) Or just “release it when it’s ready” like I’ve been doing.

  4. Tara   •  

    I went straight out to amazon and bought it, and will be sitting down and reading it tonight after work! I’m so happy this one is out, I’ve been looking forward to it!!

  5. Tara   •  

    I absolutely LOVED this book!!! Are you going to write a sequel to it?? I really want to know if Jack ever got with Kevin about getting his curse lifted or not, and if Kevin was able to do it – the end of the book sort of leaves that hanging…..

    • Glenn Bullion   •  

      I’m glad you liked it. :) Been nervous about this book more than the others.

      And indeed, the story isn’t done yet. :)

      • intinst   •  

        Can see why you might be nervous about this one. It is quite a departure from most of the earlier books. I liked it however, read it straight through, then read it again. I feel it is some of your best work yet. Can hardly wait to see where you are going to go with this, and also will read your new setup. Just keep the books coming!

        • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

          Yeah, that departure is what has me nervous. :) I’m sure there are readers who enjoyed Alex and Kevin, who will simply not enjoy Jack. He is everything they aren’t, but I really loved writing about a man who almost has no conscience. And it is going to be a grand old time watching the four of them interact (Alex, Kevin, Jack, Victoria). :)

          • Tara   •  

            Yeah, this one was definitely different – I loved how little Tiffany brought out his humanity after so many years of thinking only of himself….. and I can’t wait until he meets the others – Kevin and Alex!

  6. Glenn Bullion   •  

    I find myself wanting to talk more about my ideas for the next in the series, but I have to try to keep them quiet. :) There is a lot more work left to do on it and some hurdles to overcome. I’m not 100% which characters will be in it. I’ll have to make a poll one day. Unfortunately there’s not enough room for everyone. :)

  7. Jason   •  

    By far the best read I’ve had in a long time. I loved this character.

    I came here hoping to hear that you had more in the works for Jack, and I read your comment below, so am excited.

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Oh yeah, I’m not done with Jack yet. :) He’s too much of an interesting character to only give him one novel.

  8. Jon   •  

    Absolutely loved this book, I read it straight through and actually forgot to sleep myself. I was sad at one point but I hope you get back to Kevin, though I think it shows how well crafted the characters are that that small line actually touched me.

  9. Ville Rinne   •  

    This book was so much fun. Loved the attitude on Jack and absolutely could not put down the book before finishing it. Also thought this was the best story in this universe so far and I feel that there has been a steady progression in quality from one book to the next.

    Keep them coming or you will make baby Jesus cry!

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Ha, thank you. :) I loved creating Jack, such a different “hero” from the rest of my crew. I can’t wait to get back to him. I’ve got some cool scenes for him in mind for the next book.

  10. Sam G   •  

    Just finished after a marathon read. Great book and as much as I loved Kevin and Alex, I feel you nailed it with Jack. I was also thrilled to see that he got his own unique story after my disappointment with the last book. Anyways, good job and keep writing them. Now I’m off to read Dead Living.

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Thank you much. Jack is one of my favorite characters, and I had to be careful when tackling him in the latest novel. As much as I love the others, he has the potential to take over every scene he’s in. He’s that much fun to write.

      He’s definitely a challenge in Demon’s Doorway, trying to coexist with everyone else. I hope I pulled it off right :)

  11. Isabel   •  

    Hi! I just listened to “Dead Living” and I loved it! I would like to know if your other books will be coming out as audiobooks soon? I loved your book and would love to read/listen all of them. I’ve had several brain surgeries due to a rare brain malformation. Due to this malformation I have a terrible time reading books, it gives me a terrible headache, so audiobooks is the only way I can enjoy good books. Please let me know if any of your books are available in audiobook format. Thank You.

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      I’m glad you liked the Dead Living audio book. I myself haven’t listened to it yet, and was wondering how it turned out.

      I’ll have to see what all goes into making an audio book. Permuted Press were the ones responsible for making the Dead Living audio book a reality, so I’d have to do my other books myself. :) I’ll try to see what that’s like.

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