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Jack Kursed

  • Jack Kursed was originally meant to be a small character / subplot in A Witch To Live, but he ended up getting his own novel. This is yet another happy accident, as Jack has taken a direction all his own, and right now is one of the more popular characters.
  • I toyed around with a few endings, one of which actually had him getting cured, becoming mortal once again. Around the halfway point in writing I started seeing ideas in my head for future novels, especially Demon’s Doorway (in which everyone teams up). Plus there was the simple fact that I wanted to keep Jack around. He’s a challenge to write, but so much fun.
  • I originally wasn’t going to have any romance in this novel. I felt the dynamic between Jack and Tiffany was strong enough, but I just couldn’t help myself. :) You can see though that in the novel it’s “second” to Jack and Tiffany’s relationship.
  • Another idea I had: An extra scene with the ghost of Angela (the witch that cursed Jack) speaking with him, with Alex as the conduit. I decided not to go this route. One thing I’m trying to do is keep certain elements of the supernatural stuff separate. I don’t think you’ll see many ghosts pop up in Jack’s stories.
  • This novel was very difficult to write. There is a scene in which Jack discusses the merits of letting two children get murdered by an abusive foster mother. MANY scenes like this nearly didn’t make the cut, but I wanted Jack to be ruthless. However, I didn’t want him to be ruthless, just for the sake of being ruthless. His actions are all for a reason.
  • I always thought of the idea of not sleeping as the ultimate torture. It explains why he is the way he is, how his anger has grown over time.
  • I wanted to go into more detail about how Jack made all his money, but in the end it wasn’t very important to the plot. I think it’s almost commonly accepted in fiction that beings that don’t age always end up with more money than the rest of us. :) Jack is actually wealthier than Victoria, even though she is older, because he doesn’t care who or what he destroys in the act of making money.
  • Favorite scenes: Jack’s dialog with pretty much anyone. Victoria showing up at his house after nearly 100 years. Jack’s solution to get Tiffany back when she is taken.


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