I Need to Come Up With a Series Title

I’ve been trying like the plague to avoid the term “series” for Demonspawn, A Witch To Live, and Jack Kursed. Each novel follows a different main character, yet takes place in the same world, and I tried my best to write each one in such a way that the others weren’t required reading. There was some flavor if you’d done so. Characters and events would pop up and readers who had checked out the others would say “Oh, that’s cool.” I also thought it was neat to “check in” on what the others were up to.

If things go like I’m hoping they do, I don’t think this idea will work much longer. If I go on after Jack Kursed, it will be close to impossible to go in the direction I want without readers at least being familiar with the other works. So, I need to come up with some way to get the other titles known, just something simple along the lines of “If you enjoyed Alex’s story in Demonspawn, you might enjoy Kevin’s story in A Witch to Live.” I’m also thinking about just saying something like “Check out the XYZ series.” That’s the tough part, coming up with an actual series title. Goodreads actually has A Witch To Live as Demonspawn #2, but that’s not really accurate to me.

This all came up from a beta reader for Jack Kursed (I love my beta readers, thanks again so much to all of you). She liked Jack Kursed, but didn’t understand some of the things from A Witch To Live because she’d never read it. She figured out most of what was happening on her own, but I might have to change a scene or two to keep my “no required reading” idea in check. I have to do a better job at marketing (something I’m terrible at) at tying these novels together. This is a challenge I never considered before. πŸ™‚