DemonspawnJoin Alex as he discovers his demonic powers and battles the supernatural

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My name’s Alex. I used to think I was normal. I have a job, an apartment, good friends. I have a sister I adore, and the most beautiful woman in the world happens to be my best friend.

I see ghosts. So what, right? It’s on television all the time. All kinds of people see ghosts.

But seeing ghosts turns into seeing demons. Seeing demons turns into walking through walls. It only keeps getting better. It just so happens I’m half demon, the only one of my kind.

I met a woman and made a new friend, Victoria. She is a four-hundred-year-old vampire, and she needs my help.

It turns out vampires are popping up everywhere. Some kind of new breed, more animal than vampire. They feed on anything, and can’t be reasoned with.

Can a half demon do anything to stop them?


  1. Jim F.   •  

    Will this be turned into a series?

  2. Glenn Bullion   •     Author

    I believe it’s safe to say yes at this point. :)

    I’ve continued the story somewhat in A Witch to Live. That novel follows Demonspawn, although it follows a different main character.

    Jack Kursed will be out soon, and also follows a different main character. But they’re all connected, with mentions of characters in other books (and even some cameos).

    I do have an idea I’m working on, but want to see how people respond to the next book.

  3. Nick R.   •  

    I certainly hope you do, just blazed through Demonspawn in about 3 hours and I absolutely fell in love with the characters. That definitely sounded like a sequel hook at the end, I really hope you follow up with that.

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Actually, I had no intention of continuing Alex’s story two years ago. I like to give stories a sense of continuation, though, that something else happens in their lives. But plans have changed, and Alex will be back. :)

  4. Daniel M.   •  

    I just finished Demonspawn and wow! Great character…even if he was dense for most of the book about Cindy. Lol. Anyway, glad to read there will be a sequel. You could definitely make it into a series (like the Dresden Files). Please continue the good work, but hurry up and finish the next one!

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Ha, I’ve heard a lot of comments about Alex’s dense issues :) I’ll definitely improve on this the next time I visit him. He’s popped up in other novels, and is far less dense in the few scenes he’s had. :)

    • Daniel M.   •  

      Btw, because Alex is part demon, does that mean his lifespan will be much longer? How will that affect his personal life?

      • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

        In the series to date so far, out of the four characters (Alex, Kevin, Victoria, Jack), only Victoria (vampire) and Jack (cursed) are immortal. As powerful as they are, Alex and Kevin are mortal and will live mortal lives.

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