About Glenn

Not GlennI’ve been wondering if a decent “About The Author” section would really help me as a teller-of-stories who would like to sell books. One of the great mysteries of life. Would a reader check that and say “Oh, wow. Glenn plays Heroes of the Storm and has a few cats. So do I. I must buy his books now.”

Anyway, I like to read and write, obviously. Horror, paranormal, supernatural, sci-fi type stuff, if you couldn’t tell. I’m a game and movie nerd. I’m real big into tech. I work as an IT guy during the day. Because of that, you’d think I’d be better at social media.

Okay, enough about me. You’ve got the Damned and Cursed series to check out, with some very fun characters. A man who can talk to demons and ghosts, a witch, a vampire, a man who doesn’t sleep, with the anger issues to show for it. People seem to enjoy them, hopefully you will too.

Don’t forget the standalone novels, some fun reads there as well. Zombies, souls, shapeshifters. What’s not to like?

I like hearing from readers

Have a question or comment? Or even (gasp) a complaint? Feel free to reach out to me. I read every comment left on the site and every email sent my way.

I’m not that big on Facebook or Twitter (hoping to change that someday). My Facebook is linked to this site, so any feedback left there comes my way too. Hopefully I’ll join Twitter soon for even more direct feedback.

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