A Witch To Live

A Witch to Live

A Witch To Live Burning cauldrons. Black cats. Magical spells and potions. High school.

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Kevin always had one ability that set him apart from everyone else. Healing. He healed his classmate Rachel when they were six years old, even though it almost exposed him.

He lost his parents after starting high school. Now a senior, he struggles to stay out of his sister’s way as she takes care of both of them. He sleeps on the couch in their one-bedroom apartment and walks to school. His sister is the only person he calls a friend. As if that weren’t enough, he discovers his power goes far beyond simple healing.

Kevin is a witch.

On top of everything, he has to deal with the surprises of the supernatural world. It turns out witch-hunters, vampires, and werewolves don’t like witches all that much. Kevin will need help from his new girlfriend Rachel, the sympathetic vampire Victoria, and every trick in his spell-book to survive.


  1. Jon   •  

    Thought this book was great, I really loved the take on magic you chose, it’s rare to find anything unique anymore and every single one of your books has been.

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      Thank you much. :) This kind of stuff makes my day.

  2. Sam G   •  

    While this book improved on the flaws in Demonspawn, I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the similarities in plot. Now don’t get me wrong I am a fan and have enjoyed the two of your books I’ve read and am in the process of starting Jack Kursed. I just wish the great characters had their own story here.

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      I read this in a few reviews of A Witch To Live, how Alex and Kevin had probably too many similarities. I didn’t pick up on this at all during creation, but I do see the point now. Adopted, one sibling, discovering their powers. I kept this in mind when writing the latest novel (Demon’s Doorway), and hope I’ve squashed this one. :) I think Alex and Kevin have both gone their own path now, and I’m hoping they’re not seen as too similar.

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