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A Witch To Live

  • The novel was meant to be a standalone novel. It was a refresh of a novel I wrote back when I was in my teens.
  • When it came time to rewrite the role of the vampire in the novel, I immediately thought of Victoria from Demonspawn. I thought that would be a cool way to tie the two novels together. This little action inadvertently created a pretty cool series, I think.
  • Jack Kursed was originally meant to be in this novel, with story elements that ultimately flowed across Jack Kursed and Demon’s Doorway. His quest to lift his curse was going to be a subplot in this novel. But I wanted to focus on Kevin, and the novel was pretty packed as it was. I did drop two hints that Jack existed (very subtle clues :) ), knowing his tale was next.
  • Alicia (Alex’s sister from Demonspawn) has a small scene with Victoria at a club/bar. It was this scene that had me thinking of pairing Kevin and Alicia, although it took quite a few novels to get there.
  • In the Damned and Cursed universe, witches are the most powerful supernatural creatures. Their power is tempered by the fact that they’re mortal, they can die. A full-blooded witch (both parents are witches) are the most rare and powerful, but half-witches are strong in their own right.
  • I almost didn’t have Alex show up at the end. I didn’t want him to “steal Kevin’s thunder”. But I thought it made for a cool moment, and I wanted to show how much Alex had grown.
  • It took quite a bit of thinking to come up with the magic system I use. I was going to go with a spoken-word type system. Just straight up speaking magic words, and making things happen. That reminded me of a wizard, though, and the idea soured. I ended up going with the alchemy/potion type route. I felt this gave him limits I could work with. No potions or items, no magic. He can do some basic things (grabbing a random pair of glasses and seeing through walls), but for his stronger magic, Kevin needs more exotic ingredients.
  • Boiling pots on a stove replaces a cauldron, but I love the imagery of a cauldron, so I bring it up from time to time.
  • Favorite scenes: The scene in which he heals Rachel’s parents in the hospital. Where he first creates a magic feather. The sequence where he cures his teacher of being a werewolf.


  1. Jim   •  

    My favorite scene is the one in the hospital, too. The ability to heal is one of those things that is incredible in a book where the author can do justice to the sense of the miraculous in what was done. It also has the advantage of clarifying immediately for the reader that magic can be used for good. It’s not that healing couldn’t be used for a foul purpose, but it’s not generally expected. It’s too bad that when the same ability is moved into the media of games and movies the fast pace of the action typically renders that gift trivial and uninteresting.

    • Glenn Bullion   •     Author

      I purposely used healing as the first magical act Kevin does. I wanted it to be clear that he was a good person. :)

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